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    Mona Al Haji, the winner of Emirates Holidays social media competition from Kuwait, was given the opportunity to travel to Dubai by Emirates airlines to enjoy a unique spa experience provided by the Retreat Palm Dubai. She said: “As an individual who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle, I am very keen to explore different spas in various parts of the world, and I have been wanting to visit Dubai as well. That is when I won this competition. DXH gave me a lot of options to choose from and I chose the Retreat Palm Dubai.  They gave me excellent services and I found the staff there extremely caring, right from the reception. They even helped me choose the best essential oil to sooth my senses. I am so grateful for this unforgettable experience. Thank you DXH for making this happen. I will definitely be coming back here for more.”

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    Our lucky winner of Emirates Holidays from KSA

    Khalid was the lucky winner of the Emirates Holidays social media competition from Saudi Arabia, who won the opportunity to travel to Dubai by Emirates airlines to enjoy one of the many tailored detox packages offered by DNA Health and Wellness Center. As part of the experience, an in-depth metabolic analysis for Khalid was developed by DNA following his consultation with a functional medicine clinician, dietician and a health coach. Other aspects of the experience involved a number of detox therapies and specialist spas including mud wraps, infrared saunas, antioxidant IV infusions and Yoga and meditation. The overall program was designed to introduce the winner of the competition to the idea of a detox lifestyle, thereby making him aware of the importance of lasting solutions for a healthier life.   “Thank You DXH for this wonderful experience,” said Khalid