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    The Health Bank

    The Health Bank

    The Health Bank is a global health management company that offers individuals, families, corporate and medical tourists a variety of unique services for personalized health and wellness management.
    The foundation of each membership is the collection and digitization of past medical records. This offers each member a comprehensive, up-to-date electronic health record, which can help reduce errors, improve safety, and support better outcomes.

    In addition, members of The Health Bank have 24/7 access to professional Care Coordinators who can help you find the right specialist or wellness service, manage your electronic health data, coordinate medical appointments, and facilitate a remote second medical opinion from a leading center of excellence.
    The Health Bank is your single point of contact for personalized, proactive, holistic health and wellness support. Whether you are fit and healthy, suffering from a chronic condition, interested in anti-ageing and cosmetic services or traveling abroad for treatment, we have a package for you.

    Membership Benefits at a glance:
    – Up-to-date, consolidated universal electronic health record
    – 24/7 expert care coordination and support
    – Over 25,000 world-renowned specialists and centres of excellence in over 150+ countries
    – Remote second medical opinion
    – International medical assistance and emergency evacuation
    – Travel assistance
    – Over the phone physician advice
    – Innovative wellness programs utilizing your DNA
    – Aesthetic and anti-ageing advisory
    – And more…

    SmartCare International Bio:
    Are you looking for a memorable health tourism experience?
    SmartCare by The Health Bank provides health tourists with a single point of contact, seamlessly combining healthcare coordination, flight booking, visas, accommodation, airport transfers, leisure activities and post treatment support. SmartCare transcends far beyond a simple health tourism service.

    Whether you’re travelling alone, or with your family, we offer you and your loved one’s personalized care and attention. We take care of all issues related to your travel and treatment, so you can enjoy a stress-free stay and get the best medical treatment Dubai has to offer.

    Our SmartCare packages offer you:

    Experience Team
    : Our experience teams are comprised of allied health professionals ready to assist and provide you with trustworthy guidance and support. We will review your case and provide suitable referral options based on your budget and treatment needs.

    Smart Health Passport: We electronically consolidate relevant medical records, ensuring you and your providers have all the necessary information before you even leave home.

    24/7 Medical Helpline: Rest assured that if you have a question or concern, day or night, we can connect you with a trusted physician over the phone in less than 2 minutes.

    Travel Assistance and Logistics: We offer support in managing all aspects of the journey. We can provide any level of service, from VIP transportation and 5-star accommodation to family fun and sight-seeing excursions.

    Continuity of Care: We stay by your side, even after you return home. If you have any concerns or unexpected complications, our team is just a phone call away.

    If you’re looking to experience excellence, choose Dubai.

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