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    Well Woman Extensive Check-up package - Below 40

    Well Woman Extensive Check-up package - Below 40

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    Package Includes

    • Appointment Card
    • Initial consultation GP/ Family MEDICINE SP
    • Gynae consultation for PAP smear
    • Cardiology consultation with ECG, TMT and PFT Cardiologist
    • Complete blood count (CBC) Lab
    • Fasting blood sugar (FBS) Lab
    • Analysis of blood fats (lipid profile) Lab
    • Liver function tests Lab
    • Examination of Vitamin D3 levels Lab
    • Renal panel Lab
    • Analysis of thyroid hormone ( TSH) Lab
    • Urine test Lab
    • PAP smear liquid based GP (Female)
    • Chest X-ray (PA and lateral views) Radiology

    Package Excludes

    • Other than above listed services

    Patient Eligibility

    • Women below age 40



    DXH package cost

    AED 4,800 currency converter

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