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    Neuro Spinal Hospital

    Neuro Spinal Hospital

    • Type of Facility:


    • Key Service Areas:

      Back pain and Spinal Unit, Brain Unit, Joint Replacement and Orthopedics Unit, Neurology, Orthopedic Services, Pediatric Neuroscience, Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Sports Medicine



    Founded in 2002, The Neuro Spinal Hospital was the first tertiary neurosurgical, neurological and orthopedic healthcare provider in the region. Having established a solid reputation for pioneering the adoption of medical techniques and technological advancements, it is now a regional centre of referral for international governments and private institutions seeking world class care for their members in the Middle East. In addition to catering to the local population, NSH receives patients from other countries in the Gulf, Africa and MENA region and is an evacuation site for important organisations. The hospital believes in the importance of focusing on clinical outcomes, and that a readiness to share performance indicators with its patients will enable them to make informed decisions about their care, and measure their progress. “We bring the world to you” is a commitment we make to patients assuring them access to the best expertise, techniques, and technology brought from all over the world, under one roof, in the magnificent city of Dubai. Our multinational staff speak over 25 languages and are highly culturally sensitive. They work as a dedicated, problem-solving team with patients and their families to provide the highest levels of care and specialty services in a compassionate and collaborative environment.