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    Dubai London Clinic and Specialty Hospital

    Dubai London Clinic and Specialty Hospital

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    • Key Service Areas:

      Advanced Gynaecological Laparoscopic Surgery, Dermatology & Aesthetics, ENT, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery



    The Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital was established in 1987 with the vision of providing the very best in modern international healthcare in a patient-centred environment. Over the last 28 years we have consistently maintained a reputation for excellence; a reputation that has enabled us to proudly be the one of the longest-established private healthcare facility in Dubai. On all of our sites patient safety and ethical practice are at the centre of all that we do and this was recognized by the award of full accreditation by the Australian Council for Healthcare Standards International. Our team will continually strive to make sure that your healthcare journey with us is an excellent experience, ensuring that your decision to choose us was the correct one.