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    Should I travel to Dubai for orthopedic surgery?


    Definitely! Having Orthopedic Surgery in Dubai could be one of the best times of your life…

    Did you know that orthopedic surgery is the third most popular medical procedure that people travel for after cosmetic surgery and dental treatments? Well, it’s true. While many people opt to have surgery overseas to save money, others travel to have access to the world’s best doctors. If you’re planning on leaving your home country to have orthopedic surgery, why not come to Dubai with your family and make a holiday of it? Not only does the family-friendly emirate offer some of the world’s most competent doctors, Dubai medical facilities are some of the best in the world, and its high-end diagnostic machinery – used for the precise diagnosis of orthopedic issues – is also state of the art. The city also boasts some of the planet’s most beautiful beaches and top-notch shopping destinations. What’s not to love?

    Welcome to the future

    From flying taxis to jet-pack propelled firefighting teams, Dubai is famous for its innovative, build-its-own-box thinking – and it approaches its medical tourism facilities in the same way. Not only that, but most of the hospitals feel more like five-star hotels than medical facilities. Know what that means? No excruciatingly long waiting lines, and warmer, more empathetic care from doctors and nurses. This is especially important for people who are having knee or hip replacements, as these procedures might require the patient to stay in the country for a little while so doctors can monitor healing progress.

    Bespoke treatment

    In terms of what type of orthopedic treatments you could have in Dubai, it depends on the medical facility and doctor, but there are several treatments that happen here. Think knee replacements and arthroscopy surgery, hip replacement surgery, hip joint resurfacing, laminectomy – which is a spinal procedure – shoulder replacements or arthroscopy, elbow surgery, artificial disc replacement, anterior cruciate ligament (repairing the knee), and more. Remember to bring your medical history with you so your doctor can prescribe the best course of treatment.

    Dr. Maan Taba, consultant orthopedic surgeon at Medcare Hospital’s foot and ankle centre, elaborates on foot and ankle procedures performed in the city. “In Dubai, we offer careful and advanced care for foot and ankle injuries – sports injuries specifically – and we deal with a young population, mostly expats, who love sports. After seeing dozens of patients, I know that they need to calculate that in foot or ankle surgery – for something small like bunion or ulcer treatments, or other less complicated procedures – you probably don’t need to stay in Dubai for more than three days. We are also very proud to offer a new technique that is well established in Europe, which is minimally evasive surgery, also known as laser or keyhole surgery. This is pioneering way to deal with common deformities that many people suffer from.”

    Dr. Samih Tarabichi, orthopedic surgeon at Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, adds, “medical tourism is a fact of life today, with 60% of our patients being from outside the UAE. My advice when choosing a country and institute for surgery is to make sure the medical team you choose understands you, can tailor your care to your needs, are familiar as to what is best for you and what will offer you the best chance of healing quickly. Add to that, the city you choose needs to be a place where your family can have a good time, as the family is part of the healing process. If they’re not happy, they’re not going to be able to interact and help the patient overcome his or her health problem. Orthopedic surgery has grown and become more sophisticated. The joint replacement experience has become more rewarding because our institute often gets neglected cases or difficult cases that other institutions decline. We recently helped a sixty-year-old Kuwaiti patient who had failed total knee replacement surgery. After his first surgery, the patient was bedridden with muscle weakness across body. Not only that, but he was psychologically depressed too. We did additional surgery on both his knees, and it changed his whole life.”

    Stick around

    If you’re planning on coming to Dubai for an orthopedic procedure, we suggest you transform your time in to one of the best holidays of your life with your companion or family. This family-loving emirate features activities to suit every age, not to mention luxury hotels, some of the best food on the globe, and shopping that draws the rich and famous. If your orthopedic ailment isn’t serious, you might want to explore Dubai before your surgery or – if you need more urgent treatment – consider checking out the city when you’re up and about after your procedure.

    Kids will adore…

    Embracing the chill

    At Ski Dubai it snows all year ‘round, so kids can toboggan, ski, snowboard or throw snowballs whenever they like. There’s even an opportunity to meet and feed the park’s King and Gentoo penguins!

    Going under…

    The whole family will be mesmerised by the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo’s 10 million-litre tank, that you can walk through. One of the largest in the world, it is home to over 33,000 aquatic animals. You can also take a glass-bottom boat tour, dive with sharks (for children ten years old and above), and visit King Croc, who is 750kg and 5m long!

    Adults will fall for…

    Cruising the creek

    Glide down Dubai’s historical creek while enjoying a well-deserved gourmet dinner inside Al Minsaf (Bateaux Dubai), a glass-encased boat that boasts incredible views of the city at night.

    Enjoy a romantic dinner

    If you’re coming to Dubai with your other half, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to dining. While there are a range of foodie options across the city – from inexpensive Nepali dumplings and authentic Indonesian fare in in an older part of the city known as Karama, to fine-dining experiences in world-class hotels like the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa – there is a dining destination for everyone. For a charming experience featuring rustic-chic contemporary fare crafted by two of Dubai’s most chefs, Nick Alvis and Scott Price, head to folly ( at Madinat Jumeirah. You’ll find the most intimate spot for two on their rooftop terrace. Ask for the table at the Wind Tower; it’s the only table up there and it offers breathtaking views of the Burj Al Arab and beyond. If you want to take full advantage of the glitz that Dubai offers, head to Atmosphere (, situated on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, for lunch or dinner. Enjoy gourmet food by executive chef Christopher Graham and take in the best views of the city. Tables book up fast – especially at sunset hours – so book ahead of your trip.