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    Beauty Spot


    Thinking of traveling outside your home country for beauty enhancement or cosmetic surgery? Consider Dubai.

    The city’s reputation for providing exceptional cosmetic procedures has led to several hospitals across the emirate – and the UAE – offering specially designed packages to encourage people who are looking to enhance their natural appearance to come here and have their treatments done. Some of the DHA-approved DXH group member clinics and hospitals in Dubai offer cosmetic surgery tourism packages in Dubai that include a visa, accommodation and insurance, although you will have to foot the medical bill, of course. For more information, take a look at the packages on our portal’s Packages page here.

    So far, feedback from patients who have undergone cosmetic surgery in the emirate has been incredible, with people raving about the city’s state-of-the-art medical facilities, care, and – of course – the procedures themselves. As you’d expect, your doctors and their teams will keep your procedures confidential, so while everyone will be complimenting you on your gorgeous new look, no one will ever know quite how you achieved it…

    Treated like royalty

    While cosmetic procedures and surgery were traditionally considered a taboo topic, today that’s a different story. According to Dr. Saniav Parasher, consultant plastic surgeon, in the past cosmetic surgery “was limited to the affluent, and celebrities who wouldn’t talk openly about it, but now it’s much more open. Everyone wants to look good. Dubai is a very safe place for medical treatments because of the city’s infrastructure, technology, development, governance, the quality of its services and professionals, and the controls put in place by the Dubai Health Authority, making it one of the best places in the world for cosmetic surgery.”

    Dr. Jaffer Khan, plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Aesthetic International Dubai , agrees, adding, “There has been a transformation in Dubai’s medical tourism over the last 18 years, with there being a rise in interest in aesthetic plastic surgery, which largely involves breast and body recontouring, as well as facial surgeries. For each procedure that we do, we’re very clear to the patient about the recovery period, and we usually add on a couple of extra days because, ultimately, we’re dealing with medicine and not every case will be the same.”

    Consultant plastic surgeon at Cocoona Centre, Dr. Mazen Arafeh, adds that there are various reasons someone might opt for aesthetic surgery. “Some people are born with certain deformities, or might have had accidents or tumours where their body has been deformed, so plastic or aesthetic surgery helps them to get their natural look back.”
    So, what type of procedures can you expect to have done in Dubai? According to Shahed Syed, chief operating officer at Cocoona Centre, “the most popular surgical procedures in the emirate are liposuction, breast surgery, and body lift surgery, although there are several other procedures one can undergo safely here. Think nose jobs, eye lifts, tummy tucks and more.”

    Syed added that people aren’t just opting for surgery when they touch down in the sunny metropolis, with non-surgical treatments being hugely popular too. “Dermal fillers are regularly requested, as is non-invasive body contouring, cellulite treatments, Botox, facial rejuvenation laser treatments, and laser hair removal,” Syed says. “The feedback that we receive from people most often is that the medical care in Dubai is five-star. One woman told me she was ‘treated like royalty’ at the hospital, and that she plans on coming back to visit the city again in the future.”

    If you’re thinking of coming to Dubai for a beauty enhancing procedure, there are so many things to do in Dubai. Why not celebrate your new look with a little feel-good retail therapy and city exploration at the same time? Dubai is, after all, one of the shopping capitals of the world. If that sounds fabulous, consider scheduling your trip so that you can enjoy the city’s malls and sights a few weeks before surgery or – if you’re keen on taking selfies after your procedure – explore Dubai’s landmarks once your doctor is happy for you to be out and about.

    “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, didn’t know where to shop.” – Anonymous
    If you love shoes, you’ll adore Dubai. Dubai Mall has one entire floor dedicated to the most beautiful luxury shoes on the planet, from Louboutin’s to Blahnik’s, Steve Madden’s to Jimmy Choo’s, among others. Looking to support Middle Eastern designers? Check out the S*uce ( boutiques – that promote regional designers – throughout the UAE. Emirati shoe brand, Tamashee (, is also making giant strides (see what we did there?) in the fashion world. Don’t forget to buy a new suitcase. You know, to pack your shoes in.

    Luxury threads
    All the world’s most luxurious fashion brands are in Dubai, so if you’re looking to buy what the stars are wearing, you’ve come to the right city. If you want something a little different, check out Spontiphoria ( Owned by female Emirati entrepreneur, Sidiqa Sohail, this boutique was one of the first to incorporate a clothing label and café in one space. Here you’ll find jewellery, children’s clothing, kitchen utensils, pet accessories and amazing cakes. For ultra-luxe pieces, head to Socialista. The high-end boutique stocks feminine pieces with interesting hues, intricate finishes, and offbeat detailing (

    The best time to shop
    The Dubai Shopping Festival – that usually takes place throughout January each year – is a month-long shopping extravaganza with a distinctly festival-like atmosphere. From crazy deals to fashion flash mobs, live raffle draws to look-at-me fireworks, during the festival you’ll be able to pick up shoes, clothing, bags, perfume, electronics and more for massively discounted prices. So, really, the more you spend, the more you save…

    Hashtag worthy
    When you do visit #Dubai, don’t forget to take a few selfies at places like the #BurjKhalifa #DubaiHealthExperience #TheDubaiFountains #BurjAlArab #DubaiCreek and #SkyDiveDubai. Happy travels!

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